some short term goals

It’s so interesting how different everyone’s goals can be…my fitness related goals are always always to put on as much muscle as I can and be as strong as I can.  When I was with my girlfriends in Breckenridge in February, one of my friends is just getting back into a regular fitness routine so she’s trying a few different things.  My other friend is concerned about being thin and “toned.”  I think the words “being toned” are so silly.(my friend isn’t silly but that phrase is)  Sarah, over at this post, describes my sentiments exactly.  For the record, I told my friend how I feel about that word so I’m not talking behind her back or anything.

I’m a firm believer that everyone needs to figure out what works for them and if you’re moving and active, that’s really all that matters.  I catch myself trying to explain why someone’s “way” isn’t the way they are going to reach their goals because that’s just annoying to be that person.  Ask me in two years and I may be opposed to weight lifting…who knows!  We all change and grow as we learn.

My goals this month:

-Track my training on the blog for the month of March.  See the Healthful Fitness tab at the top of the blog if you’d like to follow along.  We’ll see how March goes and maybe this will be something I’ll longer term.  I’ll try to update it at least every few days or each week.

-Workout 12 of 14 days, starting March 7th.

-Incorporate 3 days of running through March and make a decision about running a 12K mid-April.

That’s it!  Reasonable & attainable.

What are your current goals?  Do you make weekly or monthly goals?

post leg day

I’m still working through the Labrada Lean Body For Her program.  Since I was traveling for 3 weeks in Jan/Feb and then took a girls trip to Breckenridge the weekend of February 27th, I haven’t been consistent with the specific program.  I have been relatively consistent with workouts but they are just a little random because of the traveling and (ahem!) a little laziness.  Usually the week before I travel and the week after I travel, my workouts are really random.  Work consumed me last week…like working 6:30am-7:30pm a couple nights.  Probably not a big deal for most but it’s all relative to what you’re used to — my normal ‘schedule’ is 6:30-3pm so when 3pm turns into 7:30pm, I feel pooped at the end of the day and week.

I got back on track on Saturday with the Labrada Lean Body For Her program and it feels so good.  But leg day was yesterday.  Whew!  I was going to take a rest day today but as the today went on, I just kept getting more sore.  I’m contemplating running a 12K on April 18th so I decided to go on a short run this afternoon.  It was kind of painful and my legs felt like lead pipes but I made it and I know tomorrow I’ll be happy I did.  Something about riding my bike or going on a run after leg day always helps loosen things up.

How do you deal with sore muscles?  Yoga, Running?

On a side note, a ‘girls trip’ is so critical for my health…no seriously, it really is!  My two closest friends live in NE so we have been trying to take girls trips periodically and they are!      

home from traveling

I was finally feeling up to working out last night.  It took a lot out of me but I got through it and it felt pretty good.  It was a simple workout, I ran/walked 2 miles and then did one round of this circuit: IMG_2012 My LEO and I were on vacation Jan. 17-Feb. 2, then I was traveling for work Feb. 3-Feb. 6, then I was sick Feb. 7-now but things are getting better and I’m hoping by the end of the weekend it will be through my system.

How was vacation?

Our vacation was a cruise from Miami to LA through the Panama Canal.  If you’ve ever been on a cruise before than you know there is endless amounts of food.  We also had an all-inclusive package so there were endless amounts of drinks for us also.  When we got on the ship, we agreed to two things: 1) We would not use an elevator for traveling through the 8 passenger floors, we’d always take the stairs; and 2) We would try to get to 10,000 steps every day.  We both have fitbits(more on that in another post) so we could track our steps.  Aside from probably 2 days, we hit the 10,000 steps and also never used an elevator.  This cruise also has many ‘days at sea’ so we got about 5-6 workouts in at the ship gym. Here are a couple fun pictures from a few excursions we did: The sloth pictures were in Cartagena, Colombia.  The picture of my LEO was in Cabo San Lucas when he went diving.  I don’t dive so I went horseback riding on the beach while he was diving(sadly, I didn’t bring a camera so I have no pictures of the lovely horseback ride).

IMG_1106 IMG_1107 IMG_9172 

These pictures are from our excursion in Puerto Vallarta.  We went to the Marietas Islands and swam into this hidden beach and then while others were snorkeling, we went sea kayaking.

JC (4) JC (1) NK&P (6)

It was a great vacation but it’s nice to be back home and in a normal schedule again.  I’m happy to be eating home cooked meals again and give ‘eating out’ a break.

How do you handle vacation?  Do you exercise?  Do you keep your nutrition in check or  do you splurge?

a new year

It’s the beginning of the new year.  What are your goals for the year?

I’ve lacked blogging motivation lately.  It’s interesting where I thought I wanted this blog to be compared to what it has evolved to.  When I started the blog, I was in a phase of life that I needed something new and fun to work on.  You know how you just get into a funk sometimes?  That is where I was when I started this blog and it served the purpose I needed it to serve.  I thought I’d be the next Natalie Hodson or Little B…they were sort of “discovered” via social media & blogging and they have changed their careers to the fitness industry.  After about 6 months, I realized that I was not as committed to blogging as I thought and was not really interested in a career in fitness.  ;)  Haha!  Don’t get me wrong, I love fitness but I’m relatively certain it’s not a career for me.  So this blog will continue as I originally intended…tracking my own healthful pursuit and hopefully motivating and inspiring someone along the way.  Selfishly, it’s a nice way keep myself accountable on the fitness & nutrition front.

Back to my original question – what are your goals for the year?  I’d like to try this year by making monthly goals.  Monthly goals seem more manageable and attainable to me.  I’m usually all over the place when it comes to what I’m doing in fitness so I’m hoping monthly goals will help me take stock and focus for a month.

My Healthful January Goals:

1) Walk my dog(s) 5 times per week.  I got a fitbit a month ago so I’d like to get my daily activity up.  Since I work from home, I do not have a lot of movement throughout the day until I go to the gym so I’m hoping this goal will get me moving more often.

2) Begin workouts from the Labrada Lean Body Challenge on Jan. 12th.  I’m not sure if I’ll actually submit my before/afters…I’ll figure that out in April at the end of the challenge.  Until Jan. 12th, I’ll continue with workouts from the Bikini Babe program.

3)  Avoid added sugar, candy, etc. from Jan. 4-16th.  I have a tendency to eat a lot of sugar…I’d just like to challenge myself and eliminate sugary stuff from my nutrition.  It won’t be perfect but I know what I need to cut out.  Guess I better go binge on sugar now before the clock strikes midnight – just kidding…sort of.🙂

Those are my January goals!  I have some non-fitness and blogging goals too.  I’m planning to document everything in a notebook/diary and write periodically throughout the month on my progress and/or struggles.

What are your goals for the year?

turkey trot

It took me about a week to officially decide but I signed up for a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K on, well, Thanksgiving day morning.  The only reason it took me awhile to decide was because I’ll be going by myself (my LEO is out of town and doesn’t run and I really don’t have any local friends that run…that I know of anyway) and sometimes I don’t like doing things completely by myself.(maybe I’ll meet a running partner while I’m there?!)  And let’s be honest, it’ll be more like a jog for me.  I just figure it’s a good way to get up and start the day off with activity before indulging in a Thanksgiving feast in the afternoon.  I ran 2.25 miles on Sunday and it went fine so I’m not concerned with adding another mile to that.  And hey, I’ve come in dead last in a past race so it is what it is.  :)  Yes, I seriously did…it was a 10K a long time ago and the fire truck was driving behind me because I was the last person. haha!  I guess that’s what happens at a small town race!

Will you be exercising or turkey trotting on Thanksgiving Day?

there’s balance there somewhere

First of all, go read this post by Amanda Adams.

Amanda Adams is one of my favorites in the fitness industry.  I’ve written about and mentioned her numerous times on the blog.  I like the post above because I think many people, including myself, use an excuse of “I don’t have enough time.”  It may be true, it may not be true – you have to be the judge.  I love Amanda’s quote, “Do the best with what you have, with where you’re at in life.”  It’s all relative, right?  Someone with children may look at me and think How can she not have time to workout.  To a certain extent that may be true but it’s all relative…I can get busy/exhausted with work or maybe there are a few TV shows I don’t want to miss or maybe I don’t want to miss the time with my LEO.(he travels fairly often)  One thing that I really love about Amanda is that she reinforce that you have to figure out what works best for you.  It’s not a one size fits all mentality, which often comes across when following fitness people on social media.  I’ve definitely fallen into the social media trap of seeing really fit people and thinking, Crap I need to do her program to look like that.  Honestly, it’s sort of exhausting…I’ve “un-followed” numerous people on social media because they came across as shaming those that didn’t do what they did or they didn’t seem to recognize there is more than one path that can get you to a “healthy” and/or “fit” place.

For November, I wanted to try a little “experiment.”(ok – it’s not really an experiment but I thought it’d be interesting)  I printed a blank 8×10 calendar to track my workouts for the month.  Although, I do track my workouts, I never really look at it from a monthly view because it’s usually scattered in a variety of places ~ phone, daily logs, etc.  Although I am following the workouts of the Bikini Babe program by Erica, I’m not being super strict on ensuring I’m meeting every single workout.  So we’re over half way through November and I’ve worked out 4 times…so basically twice a week.  For the record, I’m tracking non-gym exercise too like playing volleyball or doing a long dog walk, etc.  I ask myself, “Is that balance?” or am I being lazy(lazy defined by me and what I feel works best for me).  I can pick out 5 specific days in which I just didn’t have the time or had other priorities that day and I wasn’t going to get up at 4am for my workout.  Sleep=Critical for Kirsten.  If you assume 15 days, take out those 5 days, assume exercise for 4 days, that leaves 6 days that I made a decision not to go to the gym.

I actually feel quite good and I’m not over-eating but I’m not sure I’m at the right balance for myself.  I’m not sure working out 5 days per week is my balance right now.  Unless I’m in the right mind-set or have a specific goal, trying to work out 5 days per week can cause me more stress than it’s worth.  If I’m working out 5 days a week, it’s usually because I’m following a specific program and I just feel bad about myself if I don’t make the 5 days, then I try to play “catch-up” the following week so am working out 6-7 days that week, blah, blah, blah – it can cause unnecessary stress.  I realized this over the summer, so I’ve been trying to determine a new balance.  Will I ever go back to a program that goes 5 days per week?  Maybe but that’s just not for me right now.  But I also don’t think the 2 days per week I have going right now is the right balance either.  I’m going to try to shoot for 3-4 days per week for the last two weeks of the month and re-evaluate how I feel.

If you look back at Amanda’s post, you may think the screen shot of her Facebook post from 2010 is motivating or you may agree with her.  Yes, you make time for the things you enjoy or the things that are important to you but I have learned over the past few years that you can’t run yourself into the ground either by fitting it all in.  If her 2010 post is “balance” for you, go for it.  I know that is not the balance I want right now so I need to find my balance.

Do you ever feel this way?  Ever feel like you’re becoming obsessive(by your own standards) and need to step back and re-evaluate?(of course obsessive is something you define, no one else!)  Or maybe you’ve felt how I’m feeling right now ~ you think you should actually be giving a bigger effort to fit exercise in?

Life of an LEO Wife: a fallen officer

It’s been a sad & devastating few days in New Mexico for the law enforcement community.  You can read the story here.

In short, an law enforcement officer “allegedly” shot & killed another law enforcement officer.  I don’t think the reason has been determined but the two were traveling back from AZ together after delivering a prisoner and had been drinking before the incident.

It’s always devastating when you hear about a fallen officer and, as an LEO Wife, you kind of want to bring harm to the individual that kills an officer.  This incident hit closer to home because Mike had known the LEO that “allegedly” shot the other.  Not well, but  just in the normal course of being involved with local law enforcement, you meet other LEO’s.  We actually went out with him and his wife a few years ago…coincidently they happened to have lived in our subdivision.  They have since divorced.

And then to think of the victim, a husband and father of three.  And he and his wife just found out a few days prior that she was pregnant with their 4th child.  Just an incredibly devastating situation!  It’s actually hard for me to think or talk about this without getting tears in my eyes.  Speechless.

I joke with my LEO occasionally that he better not die because I will fall.apart.completely and have.a.complete.melt.down!  As an LEO Wife, I do occasionally think about the danger my husband is in…he works the AZ/Mexico border periodically, he works in remote areas by himself with back up being 30-45 minutes away, he works areas that I would consider the wild wild west, he works & manages public shooting areas in which citizens far “out-gun” him, he’s had to heal with violent sovereign citizens…it can be scary to think about.  I have to trust that he’s been trained appropriately and I have confidence that he can do his job well if he would be in a dangerous situation.

It’s always a sad day when an officer is killed.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the families who are mourning this loss!  Hug your LEO a little tighter today.


a few reads I found interesting

I’m on the computer a lot, not only during the day for work but also in the evening.  In the evenings, I’m usually checking out my social media outlets, reading the news, or the latest celebrity gossip.  Here are few articles I found interesting that I wanted to share:

Happy reading!

14 Bad Habits that Drain Your Energy – I can relate to most of these but slides #2 and #3 really stood out to me.

You’re Too Muscular – this is a blogger I recently came across and have really been enjoying.  This article, specifically, resonated with me and what I see on social media as I follow numerous fitness professionals.

Importance of Consistency – Amanda Adams, always a favorite of mine.  This article absolutely resonated with me due to my lack of motivation lately.  Consistency is so important!  For me, it’s also a slippery slope…if I miss workouts, I will probably start making unhealthy food choices too, then I’ll start feeling emotional & mentally sorry for myself, etc, etc.

For Fun~>

The Small Things Blog – I love this blog.  Although the focus is hair & beauty, she’s a fun one to follow.  I get a lot of makeup and hair tips from this blog.

Neil’s Yard Remedies – I just recently heard about this company and plan to try some of their products.  Seems like a great company with amazing and thoughtful products.

60 Minutes story about dogs – Did you all see this on 60 Minutes on Sunday?  As a dog lover, I found this incredibly interesting.

What articles or blogs are you reading lately?  Share in the comments!

mini wins

Remember how I just spoke about motivation?  It seems I may be getting back into the swing of things.  A few mini wins:

1) I went on a run on Sunday…probably about 2.5 miles or so.

2) I do my Cardio and Abs workout Monday after work from the bikini babe program from @efitmama.  I did it at home instead of going to the gym.

3) I’ve made a deal with myself that if I do not get up in the morning for my workout than I have no choice but to workout after work.  Or if I know I have plans one evening, I know I have no choice to get up in the morning and do my workout. (hopefully I can keep myself accountable to this)

A couple very small fitness wins but wins nonetheless!  Tuesday will be a full body workout per the same bikini babe program.  I’m not sure if I’ll choose to go to the gym or do it from home.  The nice thing about this program is that it was actually created to be done at home…I just prefer the gym because I have more weight options and I’m more motivated when I’m at the gym.  However, the thought of going to my gym after work can be dreadful…if I don’t get my workout done by 5pm, it’s a busy mess in there and I’ll be fighting for space.

I also realized that my LEO and I have a vacation coming up in early 2015 in which I will be donning a bikini or summer clothes the majority of the time.  That’s a nice little motivator too.  Another reason that I’m glad I found this bikini babe program is that it’s very conducive to doing anywhere and it doesn’t take a ton of time.  If I kick into gear, I can generally be done in 45 minutes, which is great for traveling.  My last note on this program – it’s a great way to ease back into working out because the first 3 weeks is more circuit-based.  If I go straight into body part training, I’ll get so stinking sore I won’t be able to move.

What is your workout these days?  Are you following a program or just make it up as you go?

oh motivation…where are you?

Good gracious – how do you get your motivation back?  I hit the gym for a week, then pulled a muscle in my shoulder so sat out for the next week.  Then this week my shoulder is pretty much back to normal and guess how many times I’ve been to the gym?  Zero – zilch!  I can’t even say I’ve gone running or done some home workouts because I haven’t done that either.  Booo!

I’ve set my alarm for 4:45am every day this week and it hasn’t happened.  In my defense(sort of), I haven’t been sleeping well, so I end up making a choice in the middle of the night to pick sleep over gym.  In general, sleep is a critical element to health but seriously Kirsten!!  Last night I laid awake from 3-4:30am so I skipped the gym this morning.  My LEO asked me why I didn’t just get up and go to the gym…gosh, well, um…other than hoping to fall asleep until 6:30am, that probably would have been logical.

I think I’m going to start setting 2-3 weekly goals each Sunday(for fitness and otherwise) so I have something manageable to work toward.  My goal for tomorrow morning is to get up and go on a run.  I’m not going to the gym but I’m going to get my tush out of bed.

How do you do it?  How do you get your mojo back?

Sincerely, An un-motivated gal